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On average, travel advisors spend at least 30-40 hours working on an all-encompassing trip, from our initial discussion through to the day you return from your trip. In the same way you hire an architect or financial planner for advice, we are a travel advisory, whereby our clients receive our time as consultants and our expertise as travel planners 

below, please find an overview of our rates:

The following rates are our starting guidelines for most trips, though they may be customized based on trip complexity, duration, and number of travelers.

Hotel Only Services

Includes hotel reservation assistance, access to amenities where applicable.

Hotel booking is often waived if you know exact dates and property you want to stay at, want to take advantage of our Virtuoso or Preferred Partner amenities, and no other services are required.

** Please note that this booking tool is designed for reserving only one (1) room stays. It does not offer special requests, or trips involving multiple hotels. Once booked, we receive a notification and will get in touch with you to discuss any additional preferences for your trip. For multi-room stays, and more elaborate trips, please contact Stuart Travel Design directly.

As my valued client, you can now enjoy the convenience of browsing and booking over 900 Virtuoso luxury hotels online, right here:

Virtuoso VIP Booking Tool

Custom Trip Services

Research and advice on destinations, accommodations, excursions. Designing and presenting a customized proposal. 

$650 - Itinerary Planning Fee (fee may vary based on complexity of trip)

$200: Additional late booking charge for trips booked within 45 days of travel.

$300: Additional late booking charge for Festive trips (December 20 – January 4) booked after October 1st.

Destination changes after initial proposal or trip confirmation, will incur an additional research fee of $650+ for a new trip.  

Air Bookings

 Unlimited schedule monitoring prior to travel. Complimentary pre travel assistance if a schedule change or cancellation needs to be addressed/fixed prior to departure 24 hour emergency assistance while traveling.

Air booking Fees include reservation management and access to 24-hour assistance

Domestic, Mexico, Canada, Caribbean:
$75/ticket with $250 max per family 

International & Cuba:
$125 per ticket with $500 max per family

Private air bookings carry no additional fee for clients

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