Covid-19 Updates

“Travel advisors are skilled at managing complicated clients, complicated countries, and complicated itineraries. When it comes to disruptions to our industry, well, it's complicated. Weather, terrorism, natural disasters, politics, the economy and yes, viruses. all effect what we do. Worse still, we have no control to anticipate, prevent, or stop their influence.”

– Kerry Dyer – Vice President Talent Development, Brownell Travel

As Travel Advisors, there are obstacles we need to cross, “landmines” we need to navigate. Some are minor, like missing a flight, or losing your luggage for a day; some are mid-range, like getting a stomach bug during your trip or leaving your passport behind; and some are more significant, like SARS, natural disasters, terrorism and now Covid-19.

I have been asked many questions about Covid-19 such as: “Do you think the virus will still be here in December?” “Do you think there is a chance we will be quarantined?” “What are the locals saying about the virus?” “Is everyone wearing masks?”

There are so many resources available to us, and we are constantly bombarded by the news, and social media. As a travel business, it is imperative for me to understand the evolving situation as accurately as I can, and I know you want the same. Since media reports can often present a less-than-reliable and sensationalized understanding of a complex situation, my partners at Brownell have put together a resource for the most credible and relevant information.

Our response team is updating this page several times a week. 

No matter the disruption, my primary focus remains the same – keeping your interests at the forefront of everything I do. 

I wish there was a crystal ball to show us what lies ahead, but truthfully, none of us know. So, as we steer around this larger landmine, and wait until the situation calms down, hopefully sooner rather than later, I have found solace in understanding that travel experiences will always happen, but at the right time. 

My clients should know that their trips can be rebooked for another date, their destinations can be easily change, and they should always protect themselves with travel insurance. Countries will suffer during this time, but they will build themselves back up again. Our partner hotels and on the ground suppliers, will be waiting for travelers with open arms, and my clients should feel comfortable and secure when making decisions and committing to their next trip.

Although I have every hope that COVID-19 will be in the rear-view mirror soon, I am committed to providing you with the most accurate and authoritative information to help you make good decisions.  

Let’s all take a deep breath, think of all the people who are suffering with this virus, send them positive vibes and well wishes.