Our Incredible Partners at Africa Inscribed

Journeys To Africa with Africa Inscribed

I am so happy to present our partner of the month Africa Inscribed, a company run by passionate, knowledgeable, individuals, who between them boast 60 years of hands-on experience and create unique, once-in-a-lifetime safaris. 

Do you know which are the animals referred to as the Big Five? 

What is the heaviest land animal in the world? 

What is the new thinking about why zebras have stripes?

What is the fastest top speed a cheetah can achieve?

What percentage of DNA do Gorillas share with human beings?

Time to find out with a visit to the wonders of Africa!  This continent has touched the imaginative and adventurous streak in thousands of people from every walk of life…and it touched mine during our honeymoon to South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

Africa has more of its’ own natural wonders than any other continent of the world. It is collectively the greatest reservoir of terrestrial biodiversity on the planet. That means it has more animals and birds than any other continent.

Travelers can choose from a plethora of adventures to suit their choices and budget.

Visit this amazing country, let’s get in touch and put Africa on your travel map!

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