Brownell Academy

Hello, Fellow Travelers! 

Here is a little trivia quiz for you!

A hodophile is a: 

A.  Lover of all things Continental

B. Greek for one who loves to travel

C. A name for someone who decorates for Christmas right after Halloween

I hope you guessed B! And, since you are with me here on this journey (see what I did there?), I can only assume you are a hodophile like me! 

Speaking of travel, I just returned from attending the Brownell Academy in Atlanta. It’s basically the Emmys of the travel world! Directors, Managers, Owners, and representatives from the most sought-after hotels and travel companies in the world…we are talking Four Seasons, Montage, Waldorf Astoria, among countless others…joined us for the academy. 

It’s hard to put into words what it felt like to be learning from, talking to and dining with so many world leaders in the travel community. Celebrating the successes of my peers, learning new ways to serve and expand the experiences of our clients, connecting and building relationships with partners that will enhance the way our clients travel….it was exhilarating! 

Brownell Academy was about teaching exemplary service and ways to serve beyond a standard level of care. 

Brownell Academy was about forging connections with over 30 people a day, all with unique benefits available to our clients. 

Brownell Academy was about rewarding dream travel prizes such as cruises and a week in Scotland or ten days in Greece. It was about affording the Brownell team with the same concern and care they teach us to provide our clients. 

Friends, my business is only three months old, but I can tell you that building Stuart Luxury

Travel and choosing Brownell Travel as my umbrella company is the best decision I have made. Not just for me, but for YOU too! It’s an honor to partner with a company that cares so deeply for people and their experiences! 

Bon Voyage Mon Ami!

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