World Travel: A Love Story

World Travel: A Love Story

My parents, Daisy & Gary, were born in Berlin, Germany, both moving to New York when they were just teenagers. Their love story is really the start of my own…

They met in New York and married within just 6 months! Through their life together, they lived in eight different places (NYC, Anaheim, Switzerland, Paris, South of France, Bogota, and Florida), in four countries. They spoke four languages. My mom and dad were the very definitions of continental, and their love of travel and adventure is woven into my entire being.

I was born in France but raised in Colombia, moving there when I was just two years old. My childhood memories are filled with adventure. My parents loved nothing more than to jump in a car and travel the world, armed only with a large map! We would stop in quaint towns, explore local hangouts, and park under “No Parking” signs if the promise of adventure called. One night, after dinner on the French Riviera, we returned to find that our car had been towed…perhaps not the adventure that mom & dad had intended! That didn’t stop them from planning other experiences for us to enjoy as a family. There were ski trips to Colorado, and sailing trips through the Caribbean islands. We took long road trips through the great American National Parks and summers spent at their vacation home in the South of France. Perhaps my favorite adventures were the ones spent exploring the little towns throughout Europe, dining at the most phenomenal restaurants that could only be reached if you were driving a car that was tiny enough to navigate the ultra-narrow European streets!

My parent’s sense of adventure was legendary:

Motorcycle rides through the French countryside (even while pregnant! There was a crash when my mom was 8 months pregnant with me! But clearly, that turned out alright because I am here telling you this story!)

Michelin dining in the finest restaurants (where my young mind was convinced I was being forced to eat hairy fish. I wasn’t.)

A visit to the world-famous Lido Show in Paris (where my dad fell asleep while watching the beautiful ladies!)

When I became a young adult, my childhood of travel and exploration prompted me to attend college in the US, while also studying abroad, spending a year and a half in London as well as summer in Florence studying Italian. You can bet that I took full advantage of those times in Europe to travel on my time off! After graduating I moved to New York City, beckoned by the promise of excitement and adventure she was known for!

The world was opened to me at a young age, rich with languages, food, and cultural experiences. Airports feel like home to me…a melding of cultures, all united in their journeys to visit somewhere new…when I am sitting in one, I feel a flutter of excitement…the tingle of adventure from Daisy & Gary’s blood coursing through my veins. I am the result of their love story and now, I get to help you write yours.

World Travel: A Love Story

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