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During this very uncertain and trying time, with our kids and young adults home from school, I have asked my clients’ and friends’ children, if they would write a blog for my website. They could write about anything they want, such as What do they like about traveling? What was their most “wow” experience? What was their favorite destination and why? What was the most challenging adventure they experienced?
What destinations are on their bucket list?

I am so proud of the Rosen brothers, each has written a blog and I proudly present my first “very special” guests!

“My Favorite Place to Go” by Eitan Rosen


Future Globetrotters- Kid's Takes on Travel

My favorite place to go to is Costa Rica. I have been going there every year since I was a little kid. Costa Rica is a tropical wonderland. It is full of bright green trees and mountains, and it has some of the best beaches I have ever been to. It is always warm there, and is a great place for adventure.

Personally, I love Costa Rica because of all of the great activities it has to offer. My favorite activity there is ziplining because it shows you the tropical nature around you while you are high up in the air soaring through the trees. If you’re lucky you may even pass by a couple of monkeys on your way to the next checkpoint. Ziplining may just be my favorite activity, but other activities that I also love to do are hiking, relaxing in the hot springs, tubbing in the river, and swimming in the warm ocean. I think that everyone should try these activities. I can guarantee that you’ll love them too.

My “Wow” Experiences by Eli Rosen


Future Globetrotters- Kid's Takes on Travel

When I think of “wow” experiences I think of two places in particular. Costa Rica, and Vail, Colorado. These two places have great contrasts to one another, and also great similarities. But almost all aspects of both of them wow me. For example Vail has “wowed” me because of its adventurous selection of planned activities. Like skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, ziplining, ropes courses and hiking just to name a few. The scenery is beautiful and you will never be bored. But what I really love most about Vail is skiing and snowboarding. I have always had a particular love for skiing, and having experienced skiing in different places and knowing what a skier wants in a mountain, there is no better place to ski than Vail. I also have begun snowboarding, which I started to do in Vail and is also remarkable. These are the things that really “wow” me about one of my two favorite places in the world.

The second of my two favorite places is Costa Rica. Costa Rica has “wowed” me because of its beautiful hills, valleys, oceans, and the green as far as you can see. The entire country is just beautiful. You can experience beaches like no others, and volcanoes and hot springs that are sure to give you an experience to remember. I love swimming here. I have never been really drawn to the ocean before but here, I want to jump into the water and swim as much as I want to do anything else. There is also the jungle experience. Hiking and walking through the rainforest. It is an amazing experience like no other, but look out for spiders, snakes, insects, and. . . ok the only reason someone shouldn’t do this is if they have a serious fear of bugs. But on the bright side there are monkeys, lots of nice, friendly monkeys. The second thing you must do in the jungle is go on a zip line, canopy tour. I mentioned zip lining as a great activity in Vail but in Costa Rica, it’s on a whole other level.
These are two of the places I love and that never cease to amaze and “wow” me.

“My Bucket List” by Asher Rosen


Future Globetrotters- Kid's Takes on Travel

I love traveling because my family gets to spend time together, I am able to relax, I have fun, and I can try new things. I don’t remember having a vacation I didn’t like. Every destination I go to is a different adventure. I have had many great vacations with my family, but when I think of other locations that we have not gone to, these places come to mind: New Zealand, Las Vegas, Israel, Hawaii, Japan, and Fiji.
Each of the places on my list are unique and fun, but there are three that stand out to me: New Zealand, Hawaii, and Israel. I want to go to each one of them for different reasons.

I would love to go to New Zealand because it has many places to explore, like mountains, beaches, islands, and caves. It also has many unique things to see such as glowworm caves, and glowing algae. I can’t wait to go to New Zealand so I can catch a huge fish, hike a tall mountain, and kayak through a river. I want to do all the fun activities that my dad told me about. I really want to go to one of my dad’s favorite places on earth.

I want to go to Hawaii because it’s tropical and gorgeous. Some things about Hawaii thats stands out to me is its beaches, weather, volcanoes, and delicious fruits. I am picturing the day where I take a nice big bite into a Hawaiian pineapple after riding waves at a beach. I really like everything tropical, so I think I will love Hawaii.

I would like to go to Israel because I’m Jewish and Israel is home to the Jewish people. I really want to go on a tour of the city of Jerusalem, see the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, and take a step on the seemingly untouched desert sand. I have chosen to do my Bar Mitzvah in Israel and can’t wait to bring my family and friends along with me. A lot of my friends have been there and they all enjoyed the experience.
I think every kid would like to go to the places on my bucket list. I can’t wait to scratch them off mine.

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