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My favorite place to visit is Brazil because it’s different from any other place in the world. Go cross the Atlantic from Angola and once you hit land you will be in a very unique, chic and fun country.  If you want to go to Brazil you’d probably want to know about it. Well, at least I would. Read this article to know about the landscape, culture and food.  

  Brazil’s landscape is very lush and unique, and the geography is distinctive. The Amazon is very famous. Located in the states of Amazonas, Para, Acre, and Rondonia, the Amazon is the largest jungle on earth, and home to the macaw, which is a really cool bird. Lencois Maranhenses are dunes with lagoons and ponds here and there, the water is so clear it almost looks fake but you must go there during the wet season because when dry season comes the ponds and lagoons will disappear. The country’s coastline is scattered with beautiful sandy beaches and some of which have crystal clear water.  Last but not least, Brazil has 26 states, 1 federal district, and is divided into 5 regions, with their own and unique cultures.  

Customs and cultures, Brazil has so many. History lesson: Brazil was founded by the Portuguese. When they arrived they encountered Brazilian Natives who still live in the Amazon Rainforest today. Unfortunately the Portuguese People took their slaves with them, so you have 3 cultures. European, African, and Brazilian Natives and they all joined each other to make the very unique Brazilian culture. But at the end of the day, everyone is Brazilian.

 People in Brazil love warm weather, beaches, soccer, meat, and fruits. They stay up very late to spend time with family and to party. There is something very unique to Brazil called capoeira. It is a Brazilian martial art with kickflips, cartwheels, and a drum beat. Carnaval is so much fun because there are very pretty floats going through the streets and everyone is doing the samba, a dance where you take two steps forward and two steps back.

The cuisine in Brazil will make your mouth water, trust me. Muqueca is a delicious seafood stew that you can’t even describe the taste because it’s so good. Pão de queijo (cheese bread) is made of tapioca, a type of flour, with cheese. It is crusty on the outside and soft inside. Brigadeiro is condensed milk with some chocolate, then coated with chocolate sprinkles. Be careful these delicious treats are very addictive.

By now you should know some things about Brazil’s landscape, culture and food. So come on, have courage, and go hop on a plane to go to Brazil. 

-Kevin N.

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